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Example Used Marine Part Searches

Have boat, need used boat parts?

You are on the home page for the most effective search engine for used boat parts on the Web.

BUPS tracks inventory from hundreds of web sites with daily adds & deletes, about a 10% turnover. With the search agent you create, you will be notified well before the "traditional" search engines find them. This is significant because these parts are often one-of-a-kind items AND the good deals don't last long.

Boat parts are limited to used / consignment / remanufactured / clearance / closeout located in the US. This makes search composition much easier. For example, try the following boat terms in a "traditional" search engine: Palmer, Mushroom or Anchor. Then count the number of used parts for sale compared to the number of results.

Another key feature of BUPS is the dictionary of alternate boating terms. This will assist you in creating a more effective search. To demonstrate - try a BUPS search for any of the following: Fender, Dinghy or Watermaker. View the bottom of the BUPS search results.

Buyer Testimonials

I have located a set of spars off a 19 Manger Cat. They were a bit pricey but will work nicely. That said if you could cancel my search. And thank you again your search engine has helped me locate just about everything that I needed. You did an outstanding job setting it up. Thank you again - Ed

Just wanted to let you know that, within 48 hours of you pointing out the problem with my query, I found the rudder I was looking for. Thanks again for your help. - Tim

I think your search engine is a great idea, and I will continue to use it. Thanks for the personal attention! - M

Great service. I've looked high and low for parts for this old engine. While this offering isn't for me, I like that it came up with something. Don't stop the e-mails. - Dan

Just wanted to say thank you again the sail that your system found just came in it's perfect. The spars that the system came up so far would almost work if the seller and I could agree on a price. He keeps changing his mind and thinking what he's got is gold. Any way thanks again I've already forwarded your site to some friends - Ed

I'm doing an extensive refit on a 42' sailboat, and have saved thousands on items I've been able to source thru BUPS that I wouldn't have found otherwise. I've also made acquaintance with others doing similar projects in Seattle and San Diego that I would have never have met otherwise - Tom

Thanks for the search tips Doug! I owe you a beer. - Kevin

Please continue searching, it's most helpful, thank you very much. - Edward

Greetings! It is an interesting start on a good project - Henry

Doug, I tried this, searched for arch, excellent result set. I am not ready to buy yet so did not follow through. The few links I clicked on looked good. - Peter.

Sometimes, ok often with my budget, I am looking for parts that are not new chandlery prices. I came across this search site that may be helpful for others - Don

I just tried looking for a part I have been searching for for a while - your tool works great. Although it did not turn up exactly what I was looking for, it brought me pretty close! - Anne